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Holi Colors and Snow Holi Color Festival

Holi Color Snow started in 2014. A great mix of fun, sports, snow, fresh air, and of course, Holi Colors. We thought of a series of activities with the Holi Colors that can be arranged in the winter season. With or without the mountains!

After the great success of our Color Run, our One Big Holi Color Festival and our Neon Party Holi Festival during summer time, we understood that the success of this type of event, even during the winter period, is guaranteed.

Why all this fun with Holi Colors powder should only take place during the summer?

Our winter offers on Holi Colors Packets make the organization of Holi Color Snow Festival very convenient and above all, very professional. 

The contrast between colors, the snow and the people make the location simply amazing!


Which activities can you do on snow with Holi Color?

Holi Powder Snowball fight: The snowball will become colorful and once people get hit, they’ll be happily colorful thanks to all the different shades of colored powders. You can use all 7 colors available, or the only one that represents your company / association / club. The effect is stunning and you can create your own rainbow of colors!


 Snow Color Run (a piedi):

You may have heard of the most colorful race on the planet. Why not replicate this colorful event during the cold winter? Organizing a Snow Color Run is fun and easy. You only need a nice track where all partecipants can run, 4-5 points where the organizers can throw holi colors power to cover and color runners, a place of final gathering where all people can dance to the rhythm of music and the final colored powder launch. It will be the most colorful winter than ever.


 Piste da Sci Colorate: why not sprinkle the ski slopes of powder color Holi Colors instead of people? Imagine a ski slope in full color. We have seen the organizers create huge circles or paths where people can make special fun activities before continuing their way down the mountain. You can also create your logo on the snow or the flag of your nation, for example. The possibilities are endless in the snow with our color powders Holi Colors!


Color Ski ( snowboard ski): everybody knows Colors Run or 5k, the most entertaining races in the planet. We take this concept to apply it on the ski slopes, snowboard. Just create a nice track with several points where volunteers can throw Holi Colors to sprinkle color and skiers and snowboarders. And of course reward people with a great celebration of color at the end of the race. A DJ and color powder Holi Colors guarantee an unforgettable color experience. 

Another method consists in filling the tubes of all flags placed at the edges of the track, of Holi Colors so when skiers pass through, Holi Colors will explode creating a great colorful effect.

Attività sulla neve 2017

Powder Painting Art: with this type of event organizers transform Holi Colors Powder in a genuine art tool. Making art on the snow with all available color powder becomes something magical. You can organize a competition of portrayals on the snow for children and adults, or can try to create the longest painting in the world. Ideas are endless! The result will create a wonderful contemporary museum that will remain till the next snowfall or until the powder is dissolved.


Apres Ski Holi Party o Snow Holi Color Festival:

There is winter skiing without a decent Apres Ski (Party after skiing). So why not organize a Holi Festival in the snow? The Holi Festival are in vogue for several years and each appointment is a triumph of people and color. Why should winter interrupt the most colorful form of fun in the world with friends? An existing apres ski could be easily turned into a Holi Color Apres Ski Party. To organize a Holi Color Apres Ski Party or a Snow Holi Color Festival you need a DJ or artists / bands, a powerful audio system,and our powder color, Holi Colors. permissions to use ground by competent authorities are necessary. The result will be a sensational party that everyone will remember for a long time!

color ski

What do I need to organize an event on snow with Holi Colors Power?

You’ll need for one of those above described event:

  • Mountain/hill full of snow;

  • people to organize the event;

  • flags, ballons, inflatable arches, decorations (optional);

  • Gadgets such as White T-shirts, sunglasses, necklaces (optional);

  • dj and sound system;

  • bar area (optional);

  • official photographer (optional);

  • The Best Holi Colors Powders.

Think of all the fun and colorful images that will be visible on social networks for days to come, photographs and videos that will give highlight to your business / local / event.

Of course you need Holi Colors with certain characteristics:








PLEASE CONTACT US for budgets, rates, time of delivery and any question on colors or on the organization of the event.

The colors available are:

  • Orange Holi Colors Powder;
  • Blue Holi Colors Powder;
  • Yellow Holi Colors Powder;
  • Sky Blu Holi Colors Powder;
  • Pink Holi Colors Powder;
  • Green Holi Colors Powder;
  • Purple Holi Colors Powder.



Powder Paint: Safety and Cleaning

One question I often get is: “After our event the snow, of course, will be colored. How do you clean everything? “

There is no need to clean. The Holi Colors Powder are eco friendly 100%. Just a small snow fall will cover the colors and when the snow melts in spring, colors will go away with her, leaving any trace. Thanks to Holi Colors Powder Italia, you can arrange these colorful events without any damage to nature or animals.

How can partecipants remove colors?

The colored powders are very easy to remove and will leave no stain. Please note that the colors stand out even more in contrast on white garments, so we advise you to offer partecipants white T-shirts with the name of the your event


Holi Color Powder and Collections Beneficial

Color Run and Holi Festivals are often used as raising funds for charity. Events with Holi Colors attract a lot of attention and thanks to this you can use the attention and participation aid of charity by organizing a collection colored funds that leaves the benefactors happy to have contributed while having fun.

The positive atmosphere of the celebration and the fact that people are really happy during this time together, provides a great opportunity to your cause. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or information.

Holi Colors and Sponsor

Because the color activities attract a lot of attention, these events provide great opportunities for sponsors. Holi Colors events are new in Italy for many people. The Holi Colors Events arrived only in 2013 in Italy, for this reason they create lots of interests and curiosity.

The energy, happy people and, of course, all the moments with Holi Colors, make these events amazing. Not only many people will want to participate but thanks to the presence of many photographs, images will spread quickly through social networks, making great advertisement of your ski resort, your association, your company, for several months or even years.


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Winter 2017 activity. Make your winter colorful: Holi Color Snow Festival Colored Power Holi Colors – Holi Color Snow

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