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Holi Festival - Color Run - Holi Fluo Party

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Holi Colors Classic

Quality and best price

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Holi Colors Fluorescent

Fluorescent under UV light (Wood lamp)

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80grams – 100grams Packages - 10Kg Bags

Choose your the one more suitable for you Holi Color Event

Give Color and Life to your Holi Festival, Color Party, Color Run 5k, Fluo Party with the Most Safe and Bright Colors in the Market.
8 fluorescent colors: orange – yellow – pink – blue – sky blue – golden yellow - violet - green

Safe Holi Colors, EU Certification, Removable at first wash, No stain.
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“Our strenght lies in efficiency”.
Ordering from us is Simple and Quick

Holi Colors Italia has entered in the Holi Colors‘ market in 2011, creating one of the largest companies for the distribution of an exclusive range of colors of high quality and absolutely safe powder WITH CE CERTIFICATION. It’s the first Italian reality of Holi Colors. We entered this field to provide Italians and others, a reference point for the purchase of color powder for Holi Festival, Color Party, Holi Fluo Party, Color Run, Neon Party and any other type of event that involves the use of this exciting and colorful color powder, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, eco- friendly and removable at first wash power.

The Company has a great team of skilled professionals, that use higher quality herbs and the most modern processes for the production of these powders. From 2011, date of foundation, the company has steadily gained and acquired customers by simply offering superior products than those available in the market at unbeatable prices. We have a well organized infrastructure. With a well organized distribution mechanism which helps us to meet in the best way the needs of our customers. Holi Colors Powders.

We are a big distributers of Holi Color Powers and Fluorescent Holi Colors, Power colors for Color Runs and Holi Festival. Our activity is all in the web, just get in touch with us by email or whatsapp to make an order of quantities needed. Your colors will reach you in just a few days.
Our Holi Colors are available in 8 different and vibrant colors: orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, golden yellow, blue.

We also give advises on how to organize an Holi Festival, Color Run, Color Party, Neon Party, Fluorescent Party and 5K.

Holi Colors are natural, non-toxic, non- flammable and with all necessary certifications, CE CERTIFICATION INCLUDED which certify their safety.

Our Holi Colors wash easily after a first wash.


At minute 3:33 is a pleasure to see our Holi Colors within the new video of J-AX and Fedez

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Holi Colors - Holi Color Powder

  • - Safe and Non-toxic
  • - CE Certification
  • - 100% Eco Friendly
  • - Go away at first wash
  • - Don’t leave any trace on skin, hair, clothes, surface

Non Flammable Holi Color Powder

Our Holi Colors, are completely safe, not flammable how certified by European Laboratory Tests

Our Holi Color Certifications

Our Holi Colors are distributed with fallowing certifications and report:

  • - European Laboratory Test Results
  • - European CE Certification
  • - Certificazione Europea CE
  • - Technical Data Sheet
  • - Cosm 1223 / 2009 Approved
  • - European of Non Flammable Holi Color Test Rseport

Holi Color Powder, Holi Colors, Fluorescent Holi Colors.

Our product is actualy the best in the market.
After the corn starch base holi colors have been detected flammable also for the content of glucose, many of our competitors have changed production with rice flour base.

Rice flour is of inferior quality since its consistency is similar to sand (it hurts at impact)

Our product is made of Talc Pharmaceutical Processing at 52 micron, safe for people, plants and animals. Process at 52 microns means that it doesn’t penetrate lungs, so extremely safe.

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