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Holi Colors Italia Powders

Our Holi Colors Can Be Classified in Two Categories
Holi Colors Classic e Holi Colors Fluorescent (Vibrant).

Holi Color Classic Powers have a combination that feels the product silky at touch, very expandable at launch, with a wonderful vibrant and turned color. They are not sandy and do not leave spots on skin and clothes like our competitorsā€˜ Holi Colors

Holi Color Fluorescent Powers have natural fluorescent pigments. This combination not only makes the powder siky at touch, but it is very expandable at launch and has a wonderful vibrant color and lit under wood fluorecent lamps creating wonderful evening events and fluo party.

Both types of Holi powder are: Non-toxic, free of heavy metals, 100% echo friendly, EU certified and goes away from skin, surfaces and clothes at first wash. In addition are 52 Micron. Our Holi Colors are based on pharmaceutical Talc process.

We have chosen this kind because it does not generate allergies unlike Holi Color powers commercialized by our competitors, based on corn starch or rice flour, considered at high risks for allergic people.


Wash clothes in washing machine with cold water: The color will go away immediately.

We recommend the use of protective sunglasses to avoid hard contact with the eyes during launches.

We recommend the use of protective masks in case of respiratory problems of different nature.

Our Holi Colors can be removed first wash being the less porous part and not impastosa as corn starch, this last flammable.
(Be careful not to buy Holi Colors based Cornstarch INFLAMMABLES distributed by other unscrupulous companies).


At order confirmation of the Holi Colors Italia, will be sent through email, or on request and in printed form, the following European value Certificates attesting the safety of our products:

  • 01- Technical Data Sheet

  • 02- European Laboratory Analysis

  • 03- Italian Laboratory Analysis

  • 04- European Certification

  • 05- Non flammable European Certification

  • 06- Cosm 1223 / 2009 Approved

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Our products are synonymous of quality because we use only the best and safest compositions and materials

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